The Building

Step 1: Pick Your Place

To help you select the perfect site for your new home, we’ll talk about neighborhoods, view corridors, budgets, building plans, and more.

To start the process, you’ll need to consider your budget, both for your homesite and your lifestyle, and the features that are important to you and your family. For instance, do you have a preference for morning sun or enjoying a spectacular sunset from your back porch? Do you enjoy creek views, marina views or big water views? Is single-story living important? Do you prefer the privacy of a wooded neighborhood or the vitality of life in the heart of the Village?

These conversations help our team to narrow the fourteen miles of shoreline down to a manageable afternoon selection trip. During this visit, make sure that you pack long pants and closed toed shoes or boots. Prepare to have fun viewing potential homesites on foot and by boat. We will spend quality time dreaming the big dream.

Step 2: Consider Your Options

During your selection trip, or soon afterwards, our sales team will arrange a time to meet the Master Builders. Even if you aren’t planning to begin construction right away, meeting the builders is an important step in the decision-making process.

The Master Builders have been selected for their mastery of traditional coastal architecture, familiarity with coastal building materials and construction techniques, financial stability and a demonstrated track record of excellent customer service. They can offer guidance on River Dunes’ Architectural Standards as you select a homesite and home plans. They can also refine your total budget based on your home exterior and interior finishes.

Each builder has a library of plan books that work well in River Dunes. They can suggest house plans that will best fit the configuration of your property or work with you on a house plan you have in mind if you’ve already selected your home site.

Step 3: Select a Floor Plan

Some owners start with a floor plan that encompasses all the aspects they are looking for in a home design. They select a homesite based on their plans or alter the floor plan to accommodate their perfect homesite. Some owners start by selecting a homesite that speaks to them and design a house to capture the views.

If you have found yourself focusing on the view, our sales team and builders can provide direction and design books to help you choose an architect and floor plan. The expertise and creativity of an architect can be a tremendous asset as you select your home plans. Our building guidelines are well-defined and the review process is detailed to ensure consistency, but there are no requirements for a specific architect or set of plans.

There are a select group of architectural firms we recommend based on our established relationship, completed residences in River Dunes and their demonstrated understanding of our aesthetic, commitment to quality and in depth understanding of our design criteria.

Step 4: Choose a Builder

Choosing a builder will involve reviewing plans, finalizing budgets and sharing a vision for your new home. When you’re ready, we can arrange builder meetings with some or all of the builders. Our team will also introduce you to some of your neighbors so that you can see the builders’ styles and inquire about their experience with the construction process.

You’ll form a lasting relationship with your builder team during the construction of your home. Our builders understand that you’ll want to be involved and will communicate with you to keep schedules and selections on track. Your neighbors will welcome you long before moving day, and our cottages are available for visits during the construction process.

Your builder knows and understands wetland regulations and road setbacks, architectural standards, building codes, and other requirements for coastal construction. They will also handle site surveys, architectural review submissions, permit applications and regulatory approvals.

Each builder has a construction timeline and a team of design consultants, talented craftsmen, trusted vendors, and support staff to help you during construction. Click here to choose a builder