River Dunes

Owner Directory

Welcome to the Neighborhood! The POA maintains a voluntary Directory of Owners that is shared with other owners. 

Your participation is voluntary. The Directory is only distributed to property owners and is not for commercial use. There is a digital version of the Directory that is updated between the annual printings. 

Only one listing per homesite/residence should be completed. Directory information is shared only with your fellow property owners and only for non-commercial purposes.

Participation is strictly voluntary. You may skip any fields that you do not want published. We will not publish any information, even your names, unless you include it on this submission.

Directory Listing

  • Owner Names

    If listing will include more than one individual: Please enter your names as: First & First Names, Last Name if you share a last name. If you'd prefer for both owners to appear with separate last names, please use the Name (2) Box. The listing will be alphabetized by the Last Name listed in the Owner Name field.
  • Include a Homesite Number or a ? if you need assistance completing this field.
  • Emails:

  • Phone Numbers:

  • Separate multiple boats with a semi-colon (;).