Step 3: Select a Floor Plan

Some owners start with a floor plan that encompasses all the aspects they are looking for in a home design. They select a homesite based on their plans or alter the floor plan to accommodate their perfect homesite. Some owners start by selecting a homesite that speaks to them and design a house to capture the views.

If you have found yourself focusing on the view, our sales team and builders can provide direction and design books to help you choose an architect and floor plan. The expertise and creativity of an architect can be a tremendous asset as you select your home plans.  Our building guidelines are well-defined and the review process is detailed to ensure consistency, but there are no requirements for a specific architect or set of plans.

There are a select group of architectural firms we recommend based on our established relationship, completed residences in River Dunes and their demonstrated understanding of our aesthetic, commitment to quality and in depth understanding of our design criteria.