Step 4: Choose a Builder

Choosing a builder will involve reviewing plans, finalizing budgets and sharing a vision for your new home. When you’re ready, we can arrange builder meetings with some or all of the builders. Our team will also introduce you to some of your neighbors so that you can see the builders’ styles and inquire about their experience with the construction process.

You’ll form a lasting relationship with your builder team during the construction of your home. Our builders understand that you’ll want to be involved and will communicate with you to keep schedules and selections on track. Your neighbors will welcome you long before moving day, and our cottages are available for visits during the construction process.

Your builder knows and understands wetland regulations and road setbacks, architectural standards, building codes, and other requirements for coastal construction.  They will also handle site surveys, architectural review submissions, permit applications and regulatory approvals.

Each builder has a construction timeline and a team of design consultants, talented craftsmen, trusted vendors, and support staff to help you during construction.